I love watching, reading about, and writing about film noir. But I confess the weekly live tweet is getting a bit dull for me. After watching Robson/Lewton’s The Seventh Victim  as a late-night feature with a bunch of the riffing crowd, I realized I knew how to spice up the coming months, and thus was born my dark brainchild SINISTER SUMMER!

Starting Sunday, June 5, #BNoirDetour weekly live tweets will explore the pleasures of noir-horror. Throughout June and July, we will watch a 1940s film that features noir elements blended with suspense, the supernatural, monsters, and mayhem. From classics and cult favorites to little known treasures and even dreck seen last on MST3K, it’ll be a fabulous offering for riffing the evening away. And we will end the event with 1955’s incomparable Dementia.

Here’s a little overview/welcome video I made to tempt everyone:

Tentative Schedule (pending availability on youtube,, veoh, vimeo, and/or dailymotion):

  • June 5: The Spiral Staircase (Siodmak, 1945)
  • June 12: The Undying Monster (Brahms, 1942)
  • June 19: Black Friday (Lubin, 1940) – with Lugosi and Karloff
  • June 26: Night Has a Thousand Eyes (Farrow, 1948) – starring Edward G. Robinson
  • July 3:  The Brute Man (Yarbrough, 1946) – with Tom Neal (Detour) & as seen on MST3K
  • July 10: The Amazing Dr. X (Vorhaus, 1948)
  • July 17: The Ghost Ship (Lewton/Robson, 1943)
  • July 24: She-wolf of London (Yarbrough, 1946)
  • July 31: Dementia (1955)

Links for each will be posted via @BNoirDetour. Hope lots of live tweeting and noir pals old and new will join in the fun each Sunday at 9pm ET.