I so enjoyed the Sinister Summer noir-horror theme that I’ve decided to incorporate more into the @BNoirDetour schedule from time to time, and I’m also going to try a few more theme months.


To end July and throughout August 2016, @BNoirDetour will say “Welcome Home,” with a month of creepy house-themed gothic noir and noirish-horror thrillers.

(As always, the films will be screened on Sundays at 9pm ET through live tweet using the #BNoirDetour hashtag and links to free websites including YouTube and Dailymotion.)

July 31: THE OLD DARK HOUSE (James Whale, 1932): <https://youtu.be/cHltWy2BmVQ&gt;

August 7: THE RED HOUSE (Delmar Daves, 1947): <https://youtu.be/R_n39j05r1Q&gt;

August 14: HOUSE BY THE RIVER (Fritz Lang, 1950): <https://youtu.be/n7i0tAEhHOg&gt;

August 21: THE HOUSE ON TELEGRAPH HILL (Robert Wise, 1951): <http://dai.ly/x20myb4&gt;

August 28: MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS (Joseph H. Lewis, 1945): <https://youtu.be/EHWzM8Ktsok&gt;

So, for that down-home feeling of danger and darkness, join the #BNoirDetour gang for a month of cozy cruelty!